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The People Behind the Science: The Most Challenging Part of the Ph.D. Program

Image of Anthony Grice

Anthony Grice is an analytical chemist at Jordi Labs.

Every so often, we like to take a break from all the technical lingo and focus on the most valuable asset of Jordi Labs – the people. The People Behind the Science is a series meant to showcase the human side of all the great science that happens here at Jordi Labs. It also gives you (and us) a chance to learn more about each other and connect on a level beyond project goals and analytical strategies. This week, we sit down with some of Jordi Labs’ senior scientists to talk about some of the challenges they faced during their journey to obtaining that doctorate degree. Those of you who have been through the program or are currently undertaking it now, would you agree with the Jordi scientists?

CV: What was the most challenging part of your Ph.D. program?

Dr. Anthony Grice: I’d have to say that the hardest days were those where you would have to find a way to get yourself up in the morning and back into the lab when experiments fail or the outcomes are not what you expect. Persisting under these conditions was difficult. But eventually you learn to push forward and ultimately you learn a lot about self-motivation and perseverance.

Photo: Aydin standing by Lady Liberty in NYC.

CV: Aydin, what was the hardest part of your Ph.D. program?

Dr. Aydin Kavara: The most difficult part for me was picking the right project. When we first started, we were given a number of projects to choose from and I had a hard time settling on the one that was a good fit for me.

CV: How did you finally decide?

AK: Well, I started a few of them to get my feet wet and then finally chose the one that I thought would give the “hottest” results.

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