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Jordi Labs Releases New E&L Testing Videos

Jordi Labs introduces its latest video series to describe The Effect of Analytical Methodology on the Number and Type of Extractables and Leachables Identified.  This video series explains differences found in various forms of sample preparation, chromatography, data reduction and quantitative approaches employed in E&L studies.

In Part 1, Dr. Mark Jordi, president of Jordi Labs, presents the key elements involved in study design.  He discusses sample concentration, extraction, scouting methods and storage conditions.

In Part 2, Kevin Rowland, Jordi Labs’ lab manager, presents advanced differential analysis methods.  He demonstrates a workflow for differential analysis and explains the advantages of automated feature detection and statistical analysis.

You can see all of our analytical chemistry videos here.

To learn more about Jordi Labs’ E&L studies, call (833) 888-0224.

About Jordi Labs

Founded in 1980, Jordi Labs provides the highest quality analytical services and polymer-based GPC columns in the industry. As a family company, we take pride in helping our customers overcome their analytical challenges by providing excellent products and personal assistance from our highly-trained staff. Whether you use our Resolve columns or our analytical services, we’re not finished until the job is done with integrity and excellence. That’s the Jordi Way.

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