• Prevent Product Degradation

    Read our case study on how we test products to prevent plastic from degrading.

    Prevent Product Degradation
  • Surgical Instrument Cleaning Testing

    What is the chemistry of compounds potentially remaining on a surgical instrument following a typical cleaning procedure?

    Surgical Instrument Cleaning Testing
  • Medical Device Testing

    Extractables & leachables, deformulation, contamination and failure investigations for medical packaging, bandages, implantable devices used in clinical settings.

    Medical Device Testing
  • Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction

    Hydroclean SPE products are 100% polymeric, providing improved recoveries and unmatched purity. Offering: Neutral SCX SAX WCX WAX

    Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction
  • Contract Analytical Testing

    Jordi Lab provides solutions for: Deformulation Identification Comparison Quality control testing Product failure analysis Method development and more.

    Contract Analytical Testing