Method Development/Validation

The process of method development is research focused on the discovery of a suitable set of conditions for the analysis of your sample. Jordi Labs is uniquely qualified to aid you in this process. We have both the analytical knowledge as well as our own complete line of LC products. The discovery and application of these products has provided us with a depth of knowledge few others possess in separations.

We start your project with a clear discussion of the goals of the analysis. Possible goals for the analytical method include quantitation, molecular weight calculation, impurity analysis, etc. We then provide our services on a per method tried basis using our significant experience to guide and shorten the method development process.

Method Development typically involves the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation
2. Preparation of a written quote
3. Receipt of samples
4. Analysis
5. Delivery of Results
6. Consultation
7. Additional analysis if needed
8. Transfer of the method to your facility
9. Ongoing support as needed

You have complete control over the process through selection of the methods and number of cycles you deem worth trying .

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