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A controlled substance is a drug or chemical that exhibits limited medicinal purposes and a high potential for abuse and dependency. Controls are established by the Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) in the form of schedules (I, II, III, IV, V), which range in severity depending on the pharmacological effects of the chemicals in question. Possession of these substances can carry severe legal ramifications for non-licensed professionals, which is why handling and testing of controlled substances must be carried out by experienced chemists in certified analytical environments.

Jordi Labs is a DEA-registered analytical testing practitioner, with the relevant experience, knowledge, and certifications for handling Schedule I—V controlled substances. We do not distribute, dispense, or manufacture controlled substances. Instead, we offer expert support to research and development (R&D) professionals in pharmaceutical spaces, with services ranging from impurity testing to good—bad comparisons.

Our controlled substances program satisfies all the requirements of our DEA registration, covering purchasing, receipt, use, storage, security, and disposal. We can also provide full documentation as required to guarantee full compliance with controlled substance laws.

Controlled Substance Programs with Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs is an industry-leading analytical testing service provider based in the US, with full controlled substances registration from the DEA. Whether you are dealing with relatively benign Schedule V chemicals or strictly-regulated Schedule I substances, we can guarantee compliance with the relevant drug enforcement criteria.

Contact a member of the Jordi Labs team today if you have any specific questions about how we can handle drug release services or identify unknown elements in your sensitive samples.

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