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Cohort of Concern

Toxicological risk assessments are often geared towards designating the safe levels of exposure to individual chemicals and compounds for humans. With increasingly precise testing methods available in analytical chemistry, such chemicals can be explored at lower levels than ever before. Studies have demonstrated the presence of unstudied substances in food goods, drinking water, even our bodies. To understand the potential health impacts of these myriad chemicals, it is necessary to discriminate between chemicals that require immediate further study and those that represent no real risk to human health.

The Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) refers to a level of human exposure to any chemical, which is not regarded as a risk. This pragmatic tool establishes a safe threshold for any unstudied chemical regardless of missing toxicology data. The purpose of the TTC is to prioritize certain structural groups with higher mutagenic potencies, thus higher risks to human health.

In the whitepaper, Cohort of Concern, we describe a group of compounds that exceed the potency covered in the TTC. This so-called cohort of concern (CoC) is of particular interest to toxicology testing due to their strong-toxicogenic and carcinogenic properties.

Toxicology Services from Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs is an industry-leading service supplier for regulatory analyses. We offer a broad selection of toxicology services to aid regulatory compliance, or to assist with initial testing of chemicals and compounds of interest in your product. Simply contact a member of the Jordi Labs team today to learn more.

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