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Jordi Labs can solve your problem if you have a product which is inconsistent from batch to batch or which is no longer performing as it was designed.  Jordi’s PhD chemists bring more than 3 decades of experience in the investigation of material failures. We use the latest analytical techniques to determine if any chemical differences exist between the good and bad samples. We then summarize our findings into an easy to read final report. You receive a listing of the observed differences as well as any recommendations for a solution.

Good vs. Bad comparisons typically involve the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation
2. Preparation of a Written Quote
3. Receipt of Samples
4. Analysis
5. Delivery of Results
6. Closing Consultation

Case Study: Beauty Product Comparison – Brand Name vs. Generic Perfume


A personal care products formulation lab was trying to understand how their imitation version of a popular designer perfume compares to the “real thing”. Sensory tests demonstrated that the scent of their version faded more quickly, and that their product was reported to dry the skin.

Summary of Results

The perfumes were found to contain similar components by DMS. The Designer sample was found to contain some additional fragrance components and a UV-B absorber. The Imitation sample was found to contain isopropyl myristate, which is reported to be an emollient. GCFID and TGA were able to show the composition differences in the samples. The Designer sample was found to contain larger fragrance content, and correspondingly a lower amount of ethanol.

Read the entire case study.

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