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RP Best Results

Image of Jordi Resolve Column

Jordi RP represent over 30 years of continuous development efforts and are some of the finest polymeric columns on the market today.

Tips for Best Results with Reverse Phase Columns

1. Run your reverse phase columns at the following flow rates for best results.

2. Do not worry about high back pressures. Jordi columns are packed at 8,000psig and can run for months at pressures in the 3,000-5,000psig range without harming them.

3. If you notice a calibration change after significant use, you may need a clean frit{s}, particularly on the column inlet.

4. Try to keep at least 10% organic in your solvent if possible. Because the gel is very hydrophobic and will not wet in water, we cannot pack your column in pure water. When pure water/buffer is used as mobile phase, the gel will shrink slightly and can cause a premature loss in column efficiency.

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