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How to Conduct Molecular Weight Analysis

The molecular weight of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers is a clear indicator of product performance and activity. To control product performance across a broad range of applications, the understanding of molecular weight determination is key.

Molecular weight analysis a crucial part of applications such as measuring the durability, strength and toughness of plastics and other synthetic polymers. It is also used for quantifying the release rate and degradation of drug delivery polymers. This blog post will explain how gel permeation chromatography can be used to conduct molecular weight analysis.

Gel Permeation Chromatography for Molecular Weight Analysis

GPC is a powerful analytical tool which is used for molecular weight analysis, by separating dissolved molecules by size, in accordance with their elution from a column filled with a porous gel. GPC is a form of molecular sieving chromatography in which samples are divided into constituent parts by dissolving the sample in a solvent and moving it through a porous column packing.

The individual elements move at different speeds through the stationary phase due to their ability to enter a range of pores and the sample is then forced to separate.

To carry out GPC for molecular weight analysis, initially a solvent is used to dissolve the sample of interest. Following this, the fluid is pumped continuously into an adsorbent bed, which is usually made up or porous gel beads packed into a column.

It takes longer for smaller sample molecules to pass through the porous structure of the column and the stationary phase. Larger samples cannot travel through small pores and can pass through the column quickly and this is how molecular weight analysis is carried out.

Molecular Weight Analysis by Jordi Labs

Analyzing the molecular weight of natural and synthetic polymers is a very complex process. It is a key part of quality assurance and control, offering a means for process engineers to assess a range of product performance parameters.

At Jordi Labs, we are experts in molecular weight analysis, and have a superb grasp on the intrinsic theory of molecular weight measurements and its required tools. We use our expertise in GPC to measure molecular weights of polymers to exacting standards. This method is the industry-standard technique in which compounds are separated into their composite parts by weight or other molecular properties.

We provide molecular weight analysis using a range of accurate detection technologies for samples separated via a selection of GPC columns.

To find out more, read our blog post on how to measure molecular weight analysis. Or to find out more about how Jordi Labs can assist with molecular weight analysis, contact us today.

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