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Protein Analysis

Image of Jordi Labs structure of the protein molecule.

Jordi Labs helps companies understand the structure of the protein molecule.

Proteins are among the most well-characterized macromolecules, yet they are responsible for such a sheer array of molecular functions that protein analysis remains one of the most challenging and complex fields of study. These linear chain compounds of organic amino acid residues are essential for innumerable cellular functions and biochemical processes. As such, protein analysis has gained significant academic and commercial attention for medical and life sciences research alongside ground-breaking pharmaceutical development.

Jordi Labs is equipped to provide precise and repeatable protein analysis and characterizations, from the most fundamental physiochemical characteristics to more complex chemical modifications. We can assist in amino acid composition analysis, protein sequencing, and structural evaluations of primary proteins and aggregated structures. Our chemists will provide robust structural characterization and confirmation of your molecular sample to curate a tailored understanding of the primary sequence and its higher order structure.

While demonstrating the unique structural qualities of your molecules, based on amino acid sequencing and primary through to quaternary structures, Jordi Labs chemists will conduct an array of assessments on the sample’s physiochemical properties. These include:

Jordi Labs will perform both qualitative and quantitative assessments on your sample to calculate protein quantity while detecting and identifying impurities and contaminant agents. This enables us to aid our client in optimizing the potency and bioactivity of your proteins for applications such as protein therapeutics.

Protein Analysis with Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs specializes in analytical chemistry services for pharmaceutical and life sciences applications, with extensive experience in the field of protein analysis. If you have any questions about our analytical faculties, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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